why is youtube showing full ads: 2023 The Best Practice

Why Is Youtube Showing Full Ads: 2023 The Best Practice

YouTube, the world's most popular video platform, has continuously adapted its advertising methods to provide a win-win situation for both advertisers and viewers. In recent years, YouTube's approach to full advertisements has garnered attention. Let's delve into the reasons for this and uncover best practices for 2023.

The Purpose Behind YouTube's Full Ads

YouTube ads have evolved as a critical medium for marketers to effectively reach their target audience. If the content of a video ad corresponds closely with a viewer's recent search, it increases the probability of the viewer watching the entire ad or even interacting with it. Notably, skippable in-stream ads dominate YouTube's advertising landscape. Advertisers incur charges for these ads only if a viewer watches them for at least 30 seconds, views them till the end, or interacts with the ad's call-to-action.

YouTube's Content Guidelines for Advertisers

To maintain platform integrity and ensure viewer satisfaction, YouTube has set guidelines that advertisers need to adhere to. Videos tailored for children must be deemed suitable for family audiences to achieve monetization on YouTube. Content that promotes negative behavior or comes off as derogatory might be deemed unsuitable for advertising.

Crafting The Perfect YouTube Ad

Creating ads on YouTube is both an art and a science. It is essential for advertisers to meticulously target their audience, as online reputation can make or break a brand. Safeguarding a brand's online image requires proactiveness, especially on platforms like YouTube.

Economic Viability of YouTube Advertising

One of the key benefits of advertising on YouTube is its cost-effectiveness. Charges are levied only when a viewer interacts with the ad, making it a financially sound option for advertisers. Boasting over 2 billion users each month, YouTube's vast user base ensures that advertisers witness prompt results.

How to Manage Full Ads on YouTube

On Mobile Devices:

  1. Launch the YouTube app.
  2. Click on your profile icon situated in the upper right corner.
  3. Navigate to Settings.
  4. Select General.
  5. Access Background playback.
  6. Disable the "Autoplay next video" option.

On Desktop:

  1. Visit YouTube.com.
  2. Click on the three vertical dots located in the top right corner.
  3. Head to Settings.
  4. Choose General.
  5. Select Background playback.
  6. Deselect the "Autoplay next video" box.

Blocking Ads via Browser Extensions:

  • Multiple browser extensions, including AdBlock Plus, uBlock Origin, and Privacy Badger, can block YouTube ads.
  • Install the desired extension via the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-ons page.
  • Once activated, the extension will block YouTube ads across all websites.

Fascinating Statistics and Insights

  • YouTube witnessed an ad revenue of $28.8 billion in 2021, marking a 25% rise from the previous year.
  • User count, video watch time, and the volume of ads served drive YouTube's ad revenue.
  • On average, a YouTube user spent 1 hour and 25 minutes daily watching videos in 2021 — a 10% surge from 2020.
  • YouTube averaged 6 billion ad deliveries daily in 2021, a 20% increment from 2020.
  • The United States stood as the primary contributor, accounting for 25% of YouTube's 2021 ad revenue.

Expert Tips and Latest Discoveries

  • Minimizing full ads on YouTube is possible by subscribing to YouTube Premium or utilizing ad-blocking browser extensions.
  • YouTubers can boost their revenue by producing lengthier videos since longer ads fetch higher payouts.
  • YouTube is currently testing innovative ad formats, such as interactive and mid-roll ads, potentially hinting at future revenue avenues.


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