who had the most subscribers on youtube 2014: 2023 The Best Practice

Who Had The Most Subscribers On Youtube 2014-2023: The Best Practice


YouTube has firmly established itself as the world's leading platform for video content creators, amassing billions of views daily. Gaining a large subscriber count on this platform is not just a matter of pride, but also a testament to the creator's influence, reach, and impact on the global audience.

The Titans of 2014: A Snapshot

Utilizing multiple sources, this section provides a concise overview of which YouTube channels boasted the most subscribers in 2014.

PewDiePie: The King of 2014

PewDiePie, helmed by Felix Kjellberg, is a channel synonymous with gaming and comedic content. In 2014, he experienced an unparalleled ascent, maintaining the top spot in terms of subscribers for a considerable time. Notably, PewDiePie's channel reached an impressive subscriber count that year, underlining his dominance.

Rising Stars of 2014

While PewDiePie led the pack, several other channels also left an indelible mark on the YouTube landscape:

  • Smosh: Known for their comedic skits, Smosh had an impressive over 17 million subscribers in 2014.

  • Nigahiga: With a subscriber base exceeding 13 million, Ryan Higa's comedic insights were an audience favorite.

Both channels, along with others, kept pace by delivering consistently engaging content and leveraging promotional strategies, which played a pivotal role in their subscriber growth.

Evolution of YouTube Royalty

The roster of the most-subscribed channels on YouTube isn't static. Over the years, several channels have risen to prominence, while others have faded. Factors contributing to these shifts range from changing viewer preferences to the emergence of new content niches.

Secrets to Gaining Subscribers

Substantial subscriber growth in 2014 wasn't solely due to great content but also stemmed from strategic moves employed by creators:

  • End Screens Usage: These graphical overlays, displayed at the tail end of videos, were crucial promotional tools. They nudged viewers to explore more content, subscribe, or even visit an external website.

  • Annotations: Though now defunct, in 2014, annotations acted as pop-up information boxes during video playback. Creators used them for promoting additional content or urging viewers to subscribe.

  • Social Media Prowess: A robust social media presence was non-negotiable. Sharing content across platforms magnified reach and pulled in new subscribers.

Where We Stand Today: A Look into 2023

While this article centers around 2014's subscriber giants, it's impossible not to cast a glance at the current scenario. Over the years, there's been a significant churn in the ranks of the most-subscribed channels. As of 2023, the dynamics have shifted, reflecting changing viewer tastes, emerging trends, and the meteoric rise of newer content creators.

In Retrospect: Concluding Thoughts

The year 2014 stands as a landmark in YouTube's history, with channels like PewDiePie, Smosh, and Nigahiga leading in subscribers. Their success stories, fueled by exceptional content and savvy promotional strategies, offer invaluable lessons for budding creators. As the platform continues to evolve, so will its list of top channels, but the best practices highlighted from 2014 remain relevant even today.


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