when things were rotten youtube: 2023 The Best Practice

When Things Were Rotten Youtube: 2023 The Best Practice

Introduction: Delving into a Bygone Era of Sitcoms

"When Things Were Rotten" is not just a name in the annals of television history; it's a testament to how comedic geniuses can take a swing at legendary tales. Created by the legendary Mel Brooks in 1975, this sitcom transported its audience back to 1197. The series aired for half a season on ABC network, providing viewers with a quirky take on medieval times.

The Tale Behind the Laughs: Plot and Genre

Brooks' interpretation of the iconic Robin Hood legend was anything but traditional. Instead of the dashing hero, we were introduced to a humorous, and at times, clumsy Robin Hood. This character, portrayed by the talented Dick Gautier, became the epicenter of laughter in this sitcom adventure.

The series takes a dive into the parody genre, ensuring that every episode was replete with humor, unexpected twists, and the quintessential Mel Brooks signature comedic touches.

From Acclaim to Cancellation: Reception and Impact

For all its brilliance, "When Things Were Rotten" had a complex relationship with its audience and critics. While it mostly received critical acclaim, the series faced an uphill battle in garnering a consistent viewer base.

Prominent critics, including John Leonard, gave their nod of approval to the series. Yet, despite the positive critique, the series struggled to resonate with a broader audience. This struggle culminated in its cancellation after just 13 episodes. Subsequently, ABC decided to replace it midseason with "The Bionic Woman."

However, Brooks' passion for the Robin Hood parody theme didn't end with this series. He later went on to produce another parody film, "Robin Hood: Men in Tights", which further explored the comedic potential of the legend.

Streaming in Modern Times: Availability and Platforms

The journey of "When Things Were Rotten" has transcended decades. For those looking to relive or discover this sitcom gem, platforms provide streaming details. A quick search on platforms like TV Guide can provide insights into where the series can currently be streamed.

Engaging with the Past on YouTube

YouTube, the premier platform for video sharing and streaming, has played an instrumental role in reviving classics like "When Things Were Rotten." Interested viewers can bask in the nostalgia or get a taste of 1970s comedy through a range of videos.

  • The Classic TV Theme offers a quick entry point into the show's ambience. One can watch it here.
  • Those looking for an in-depth look can dive into the Review and Analysis titled "When Things Were Rotten, Mel Brooks' Misfire" available here.
  • Additionally, select Episode Clips can also be accessed on the platform, like this one.

It's essential to note that YouTube's interaction is limited to viewing uploaded episodes, engaging in discussions via comments, and sharing insights with fellow fans. Currently, 8 episodes are available on the platform for enthusiasts to enjoy.

Diving Deeper: Additional Tidbits

For the ardent fans and curious minds, IMDb offers a comprehensive look at the series. The show's IMDb page provides a glimpse into its run on CBS from 1975 to 1976, its cast, and various behind-the-scenes information. Set in the picturesque Sherwood Forest, the series focused on the antics of Robin Hood, the elegant Maid Marian, and their band of Merry Men. Contrary to misconceptions, this series is not a game or challenge; it's a pure comedic sitcom experience.

In closing, "When Things Were Rotten" might have had a short run, but its legacy, especially in the realm of parody, remains intact. Thanks to platforms like YouTube, new generations can experience and appreciate this unique take on the Robin Hood legend.

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