how to watch youtube videos without giving the video views: 2023 The Best Practice

How To Watch Youtube Videos Without Giving The Video Views: 2023 The Best Practice


YouTube, being the colossal platform it is, constantly tracks views and watch times of videos. This helps in determining the popularity and relevance of videos. However, there might be times when you want to watch a video without necessarily contributing to its view count or without letting the video owner know. In this article, we'll explore multiple ways to achieve this.

Ways to Watch YouTube Videos Without Adding to View Counts

Using Specialized Tools and Software

Many tools available allow you to watch YouTube videos without adding to the view count. Some popular methods include:

  • Youtube-dl: A command-line tool that lets you download YouTube videos directly to your device.

  • Freetube: An app that enables private viewing of YouTube content.

  • VLC: By using VLC, you can stream YouTube videos directly without having to download them, thereby avoiding the view count.

Leveraging Third-Party Hosting

If you're trying to share a video without amplifying its views, you can download it and then host it on another platform. Websites such as the Internet Archive offer an avenue for this, ensuring viewers can watch the video without accessing YouTube directly.

Third-Party Websites for Ad-Free Viewing

Several websites offer a refined YouTube viewing experience, eliminating ads, comments, and other distractions:

  • YouTube No Ad

  • ViewPure


  • Yt instant

These platforms enable a more streamlined viewing experience, often without contributing to the original video's view count.

The Unique Experience of provides a different twist to video viewing. It randomly selects YouTube videos with only a few views, offering a continuous stream of unconventional and rarely watched content. This can be an excellent way for viewers to discover content off the beaten path without amplifying the view count of trending videos.

Using Picture-in-Picture Mode

For mobile users, Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode can be a godsend. It allows you to watch videos while multitasking on other apps. By using this mode on YouTube, you might avoid adding to the view count, especially if you ensure the "Start PiP automatically" option is enabled.

Opting for Third-Party Apps

Other third-party apps like Invidious and NewPipe work by downloading the video to your device first and then playing it back, ensuring that the play does not register as a view on YouTube.

Browser Extensions

Extensions such as Video Background Play Fix for Chrome allow users to continue viewing a video in the background, even after switching tabs or windows. This can often prevent the video from counting as a view.

Benefits of Watching Without Giving Views

Privacy and Tracking Concerns

Watching videos without adding to their view count can protect your privacy. YouTube, being a subsidiary of Google, has extensive tracking mechanisms. By using the methods mentioned above, you're less likely to leave a digital footprint.

Avoiding Unwanted Ads and Comments

Ads can be intrusive, and comments can sometimes detract from the viewing experience. Websites like ViewPure or YouTube No Ad offer cleaner viewing experiences without these distractions.

Exploring Rare Content

Platforms like allow viewers to delve into content that hasn't gone viral or mainstream. It's a unique way to discover content that might otherwise remain unseen.

Ethical Considerations

There might be content or creators you don't wish to support for personal or ethical reasons. Watching without adding to view counts ensures you aren't inadvertently promoting such content.

Quick Tips for Clean Viewing

  • Refrain from clicking on "Like" or "Subscribe" since these might register as engagement.

  • Avoid letting the video play in the background for too long as extended plays might add to the view count.

  • Consider using ad blockers when viewing on a computer to skip ads without adding views.


While it's essential to recognize that creators often rely on view counts for revenue and validation, there might be valid reasons for wanting to watch content without adding to these metrics. Thankfully, multiple avenues, from third-party websites to specialized software, enable viewers to access YouTube content on their terms. Always remember, however, to respect intellectual property rights and avoid redistributing content without permission.

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