how to run contest to get youtube subscribers: 2023 The Best Practice

How To Run Contest To Get Youtube Subscribers: 2023 The Best Practice

Setting Up Your Contest

Define Your Goals

Before diving into any contest, you must have clear objectives. Determine what you want to achieve, such as boosting subscriber numbers, enhancing engagement, or spotlighting a specific product or service.

Planning Your Contest Type

Your contest should be appealing and align with your channel's theme. Here are several types of contests you can run:

  • Giveaway Contest: These involve offering free products, services, or exclusive content.
  • Challenge Contest: Pose a challenge for viewers to complete and encourage them to publicize their results.
  • Caption Contest: Entice viewers with the task of devising creative captions for a video or image.
  • Subscribe to Win: This method offers perks, such as early video access, in exchange for subscriptions.
  • Customer Advocacy Contest: Reward your subscribers for creating content that promotes your channel.
  • Giveaway Collaboration: Join forces with another YouTuber or brand to enhance your reach.

Staying Compliant

Keep your contest lawful by making sure it aligns with YouTube's guidelines and policies. For instance, ensure free entry and refrain from artificially inflating metrics like views or likes.

Spread the Word

Promote your contest not just on YouTube but across different platforms, such as other social media channels, email newsletters, and your own website.

Contest Execution Best Practices

Prize Selection

Pick a prize that resonates with your audience. It could range from a desirable product to a monetary reward.

Laying Down the Rules

Establish unambiguous rules and qualifications for your contest to prevent misunderstandings.

Duration Matters

Limit the duration of your contest to instill a sense of urgency, prompting viewers to act promptly.

Winner Selection

To ensure fairness, choose a winner at random and avoid biases.

Announcing the Result

Once the contest concludes, promptly announce the winner and deliver the prize. Also, express gratitude to all participants and keep them informed about upcoming contests.

Facts and Findings on YouTube Contests

Impact on Subscription Numbers

Contests can significantly boost your YouTube subscriber count, with some data suggesting an average 20% growth.

Timing is Key

The ideal period for launching a contest is right before unveiling new content, to stir excitement and anticipation.

Diverse Promotion Channels

Extend your contest promotion to numerous channels, like your YouTube channel, social media profiles, and email lists.

Budgeting for Your Contest

Determine and stick to a budget for your contest to ensure you don't end up overspending.

Experimentation is Beneficial

Don't hesitate to try out various contest formats to identify what resonates best with your audience.

Expert Tips for a Successful YouTube Contest

Simplicity is Attractive

Ensure your contest is straightforward to enter, as intricate processes can deter potential participants.

Personal Touch Matters

Customize your contest to cater specifically to your target audience.

Use Humor Strategically

Infusing humor into your contest promotions can captivate potential participants.

Provide Multiple Entry Routes

Offering various methods to enter ensures convenience for prospective participants.

Regular Contests

To keep your audience consistently engaged, consider hosting contests multiple times annually.

Running a successful YouTube contest not only requires a robust strategy but also adherence to platform-specific rules. By blending creativity, planning, and compliance, you can significantly grow your subscriber base and enhance audience engagement.


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