how to remove a subscriber from your youtube channel: 2023 The Best Practice

How To Remove A Subscriber From Your Youtube Channel: 2023 The Best Practice

Removing a subscriber from your YouTube channel has been a topic that many creators have raised questions about. With the dynamic nature of the platform and the influx of content creators, it's crucial to understand how you can manage your subscriber base. This article aims to provide clarity on this topic, guiding you through the best practices as of 2023.

Understanding the Basics

Differentiating Between Blocking and Removing

It's essential to understand that there is a clear distinction between removing a subscriber and blocking a user on YouTube. When you block a user, they are prevented from commenting on your videos or even subscribing to your channel. However, removing a subscriber simply means taking them off your subscriber list.

Following the Right Procedure

To successfully remove a subscriber from your channel:

  1. Navigate to your YouTube Studio.
  2. Opt for the Community tab.
  3. Click on Subscribers.
  4. Locate the subscriber you wish to remove and click on the three dots icon adjacent to their name.
  5. Select Remove.

It's worth noting that an alternate method exists where you can click the Remove button directly under the subscriber's name in the Subscribers list.

Enhancing Channel Management

Manual Exclusion From Search Results

If you want to make sure a specific YouTube channel doesn't appear in your search results:

  1. Start by searching for the channel you intend to block on YouTube.
  2. Proceed to their YouTube channel page.
  3. Opt for the About section.
  4. Click on the Report user button[1].

Refining Your Recommendations and Search Results

To have a tailored YouTube experience:

  • Erase specific videos from your watch history or searches from your search history.
  • Consider pausing your watch and search history. Alternatively, start afresh by clearing all histories.
  • Opt for "YouTube 'Not interested' feedback"[2].

Leveraging Expanded Analytics

The analytics on YouTube have become increasingly sophisticated. By selecting ADVANCED MODE or SEE MORE beneath your analytics reports, you gain access to:

  • Specific data insights.
  • Comparing performance over different periods.
  • The ability to export such data[3].
  • Filtering your data by subscription status, geography, and other parameters.

Retaining Subscribers: The Ultimate Goal

Insights on Subscriber Retention

Based on a study by Social Blade, a typical YouTube channel sheds approximately 10% of its subscribers monthly. This statistic translates to a potential loss of about 10 subscribers for a channel with 100 subscribers. The primary reasons for such unsubscribing include:

  • Diminished interest in the content.
  • Perception of the channel as spammy or irritating.
  • A negative interaction or experience with the channel.

To counteract this, you should:

  • Prioritize creating high-quality content.
  • Engage actively with your subscribers.
  • Consistently promote your channel across other platforms.
  • Avoid any activities that could be perceived as spam.

Exclusive Tips for Channel Management

Harnessing Advanced Features

For those channels blessed with a large subscriber base, there are tools available to streamline management. Using the Remove Inactive Subscribers tool, for instance, you can automatically get rid of subscribers who haven't interacted with your videos in the last six months. If you encounter a particularly troublesome subscriber, the Block function can be handy. Furthermore, if you suspect that any subscriber is infringing on YouTube's terms of service, it's possible to report them directly to the platform.

In conclusion, managing a YouTube channel in 2023 requires more than just creating content. It involves understanding the tools at your disposal, fostering a sense of community, and addressing issues as they arise.


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