how much youtube pay per subscription in india: 2023 The Best Practice

How Much YouTube Pay Per Subscription In India: 2023 The Best Practice

I. Introduction

Understanding the world of YouTube monetization in India is essential for content creators aiming to turn their passion into profit. Here's an insight into YouTube's payment system and the potential earnings for Indian YouTubers.

What is YouTube and its Payment Model in India?

YouTube, the global video-sharing platform, has a unique monetization system for its creators. In India, the platform has rapidly grown, offering numerous opportunities for creators to earn based on their views, subscribers, and other means.

II. How much does YouTube pay for views in India?

Every content creator is keen on knowing how their views translate into earnings. Let's delve deeper.

Earnings per 1000 views

In India, YouTube pays approximately Rs 53.46 for every 1000 views. This revenue is then divided between the platform and the creator.

Revenue Sharing Model

YouTube has a model where it retains 45% of the revenue generated and pays the remaining 55% to the creators.

III. Understanding Earnings for 1 lakh views

For most creators, crossing significant view milestones, like the 1 lakh mark, is cause for celebration. But, how does this achievement reflect in their earnings?

Top Earners' Insight

Some of the top earners on YouTube in India can make an average of Rs. 2.9 lakhs for every 1 lakh views, translating to about $4,000.

Factors Affecting Earnings

The actual earning potential for these views can significantly vary based on the content category, audience demographics, and the level of audience engagement.

IV. The 1 Lakh Subscriber Milestone Earnings

Achieving a subscriber base is another crucial metric for YouTubers. Let's explore the potential earnings for those hitting the 1 lakh subscriber count.

Potential Earnings Breakdown

In the Indian context, the income for a YouTube channel with 100,000 subscribers ranges anywhere from Rs 1,98,400 to Rs 330,770.

V. Diversifying Income on YouTube

While views and subscriptions are primary income sources, there are other avenues creators can explore to maximize their earnings.

Monetization through YouTube Partner Programme

Joining the YouTube Partner Programme is one of the first steps to monetize a channel.

Channel Memberships

Channel memberships allow dedicated viewers to support their favorite creators through monthly payments, offering them additional benefits.

The Power of Affiliate and Influencer Marketing

By promoting products or services, creators can dive into the world of affiliate and influencer marketing, further enhancing their earning potential.

VI. Conclusion

India's YouTube landscape is thriving, offering content creators multiple avenues to earn. The platform is not just about gaining views or subscribers; it's about understanding the monetization methods and maximizing them. Success on YouTube requires a blend of quality content, strategic monetization, and continuous engagement with the audience.

Additional Insights for Aspiring YouTubers

1. Step-by-Step Guide to YouTube Monetization in India

  • Create a YouTube channel and enable monetization.
  • Design a subscription plan with different benefits like early video access or ad-free viewing.
  • Determine a subscription price based on benefits and niche competition.
  • Actively promote the subscription plan across platforms.
  • Start earning once you gain subscribers.

2. Essential Numerical Facts

  • YouTube pays a fraction of subscription revenue to creators.
  • Those with fewer than 100 subscribers might earn about $2 per subscriber monthly.
  • Channels exceeding 100,000 subscribers can potentially earn more than $10 per subscriber every month.
  • Reaching subscriber milestones also earns creators bonuses, like $100 for 1,000 subscribers or $2,500 for 100,000 subscribers.

3. Pro Tips for Maximizing Earnings

  • Enhance earnings by providing exclusive content to subscribers.
  • Promote the subscription plan across various digital platforms.
  • Organize contests or giveaways to attract subscribers.
  • Collaborate with fellow creators for joint subscription benefits.


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